Academic Session: 2019-20 School Calendar

APRIL – (Motto: Punctuality is the key of success)

Date Day Event
06 Saturday World Health Day Activity
13 Saturday Jallian Wallah Bagh Massacre Day / Ram Navami
14 Sunday Baisakhi / Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
15 Monday Perfect Body Oath Ceremony
17 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti - Holiday
18 Thursday Cricket Tournament
20 Saturday Earth Day (Activity) / Eco Club
Activity Begins / Clay Moulding
24 Wednesday Fruits day - Senior Wing
27 Saturday Bag Maintenance / K.G. Wing Activity

MAY – (Motto: Honesty is the best policy)

Date Day Event
01 Wednesday Labour Day / English Club Activity
04 Saturday Self Introduction Competition
(Nur to 3rd) / Quiz Competition
10 Friday Mother's Day celebration / Fancy Dress Comp. (LKG & UKG)
11 Saturday Second Saturday - Holiday
18 Saturday Quarterly Exam Begins
28 Tuesday Indoor Games / Mango Day
29 Wednesday Swimming Competition / Yellow Colour Dress up Day (K.G. Wing)
31 Friday Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

JUNE – (Motto: Love is God)

Date Day Event
01 Saturday Summer Vacation Begins

JULY – (Motto: Love is God)

Date Day Event
10 Wednesday School Reopens
Essay/Letter Writing
13 Saturday Class Day of 9th & 10th Std
17 Wednesday Blue Colour Dress up Day
20 Saturday Class Day of 7th & 8th Std
24 Wednesday Watermelon Fruit Day
27 Saturday Class Day of 5th and 6th std.
31 Wednesday Martyrdom Day of Shahid Udham Singh

AUGUST – (Motto: Freedom is everybody’s birth right)

Date Day Event
03 Saturday Rhymes and Story competition / Class day of 3rd and 4th std.
10 Saturday Class Day of 1st and 2nd Std
12 Monday Bakrid - Holiday
14 Wednesday Rakhi and Greeting card activity / Speech competition
15 Thursday Independence Day - Holiday Raksha Bandhan
21 Wednesday World Senior Citizens Day / White colour dress up day
24 Saturday Janam Ashtami - Holiday
31 Saturday Pehla Parkash Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Holiday

SEPTEMBER – (Motto: Cleanliness tells person's nature)

Date Day Event
04 Wednesday Quiz Competition
05 Thursday Teacher's Day / Baba Jiwan Singh Ji Jayanti
7 Saturday PTM / Baba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti
8 Sunday International Literacy Day
13 Friday Half Yearly Exam Begins
14 Saturday Second Saturday - Holiday
28 Saturday Birthday of Shahid Bhagat Singh Ji

OCTOBER – (Motto: Live and let Live)

Date Day Event
02 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti - Holiday
05 Saturday Parents - Teachers Meeting (PTM)
08 Tuesday Dussehra - Holiday
15 Tuesday Birthday of Sri Guru Ramdas Ji
16 Wednesday Birthday of Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur / Green colour dress up day
19 Saturday Speech Competition (Eng Club Activity)
26 Saturday Birthday of Sant Nam Dev Ji / Drama Day (Hindi Club Activity)
26 - 28 Sunday Diwali Holidays
29 Tuesday Any colour dress up day
31 Thursday Death Anniversery of Sri Ram Krishan Ji Sood

NOVEMBER – (Motto: Sacrifice is the another name of life)

Date Day Event
01 Friday New Punjab Day (Punjabi club activity)
02 Saturday Activity Day (K.G Wing)
12 Tuesday Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti - Holiday
14 Thursday Sports Day Games begins
16 Saturday Martyrdom day of S. Kartar Singh Sarabha Ji
23 Saturday R.K.S. Annual Sports Meet - 2019

DECEMBER – Motto: All are equal in God’s Eye)

Date Day Event
01 Sunday Martyrdom day of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
2nd Week - Pre - Annual Exam
25 Wednesday Christmas - Holiday
Winter Break According to the Weather

JANUARY - (Motto: Service before self)

Date Day Event
13 Monday Lohiri - Holiday
14 Tuesday Makar Sankranti
26 Sunday Republic Day

FEBRUARY - (Motto: Great hopes make great man)

Date Day Event
13 Thursday Annual Exam Begins

MARCH -(Motto: Self trust is the first secret of success)

Date Day Event
1st Week - Annual Exams
7 Saturday Final Result Declaration (PTM)
9 Monday New Academic Session Begins