Chairman's Message

It is my privilege to say that Ram Krishan Sood Educational and Welfare Society has started R.K.S. International Public School. It is aptly said "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the face of the work". Yes, it is education which propels a nation to grow, to develop and march ahead at an encouraging speed.
This educational institution is engaged in imparting education to the students who are rendering great service to the society as shining pillars speading the light of received education to very niche and corner. It keeps not only in the harmonious transformation of society but it also enables the students to stand on their own feet and be the future icons of the nation.
Through education not only our minds are enlightened, but also we can spread this light to others. Our vision is to nurture the excellence of students that encourage them to excel in life.

Very Best Wishes for the next session ahead !!!

Sh. Sanjeev Sood

From The Desk of Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to be a founder principal of R.K.S. International Public School and to inculcate the knowledge of excellence in this region. It is the unique institution in terms of their vision to impart moral education along with scientific concept. The purpose of education is not to stuff the young mind with crammed information but is to build their character, develop their personality and to make them grow mentally and physically so alert. We believe in imparting value based education in a disciplined way besides providing conducive environment for Spoken English. The aim is to prepare the students for a life of leadership. Work without hope is useless and hope should not be baseless. Hard work above is its base. A single step works as a spark to our cycle. It gives us further motivation. Even a big achievement is not a sudden outcome; it too is made up of small pieces of success. I wish the students and staff members of this prestigious institute success in all their endeavours. I also extend my hearty welcome to the new comers. I hope the nest session ahead will bring a bright future.

Best of Luck to you all !!!

Mr. K. Sasi Kumar
(M.Sc. B.Ed., ADCA)